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About Jump Start Soup Diet
Hello and thank you for choosing my Jump Start 7 Day Soup Diet to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. My 7 Day Soup Diet is a stepping stone that jumpstarts you back on the path to optimal health. It gives you facts, motivation, and step-by-step procedures - all the tools you need to make lasting changes in your life.

After the release of my first book, the Jump Start 7 Day Juice Diet, my email was flooded with positive feedback, inspiring stories, and requests for alternative programs closer to the flavors of home cooked meals. I strongly believe that the fresher the food, the more it benefits the body. I designed this program so that every day you can choose from 5 different recipes over the course of 7 days – there’s over 50 very filling, nourishing soups in all! You’ll find a lot to fall in love with because these soups have been scientifically formulated to taste great. Better yet, they deliver a powerful load of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients while systematically cleansing a different area of your body each day. It’s an easy, effective, and safe road to rapid weight loss.

To prove that my 7 Day Soup Diet really works, I decided to put myself on the line and do the unthinkable. I went from being incredibly fit - creating many successful health programs and fitness products – to going on a 6-month feeding frenzy - eating everything in sight to become incredibly fat and unhealthy - so I could put my Soup Diet to the ultimate test. However, I think I totally overdid it. I was a wreck! I ended up packing on over 60 pounds to prove a point and really paid for it. The extra weight not only gave me a big gut and some serious man boobs, but it also gave me a lot of ailments… indigestion, shortness of breath, low energy, bad skin, aches and pains, and a bad back. I seriously felt 20 years older!

The reason why I put on all the weight was because I was confident that my 7 day Soup Diet would work. In fact, I was so confident, that I had a TV crew film, document, and record each of those seven days. You can watch it right here.

With the right system, it is amazing what can happen in only one week. On Day 1, I weighed a whopping 255 pounds (115.5 KGs), but after completing the program I dropped down to an incredible 233 pounds (105.5 KGs). That’s a total of 22 pounds gone! An amazing 10 kilos lost! Additionally, all of the aches, pains, and ailments I had before starting the program disappeared. Not only did I look years younger, I felt years younger than I did only 7 days before starting. Of course, results will vary. Not everyone will lose as much as I did. On average, people lose between 7 to 10 pounds over the 7 days, but some people have lost even more than me.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Yours in good health,

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